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Indesit Washing Machine Recall

Barry Mulcahy – 31st October 2012 - Updated 9th May 2013

The latest news of this issue can be found at Indesit and Hotpoint Washing Machines Explode.

At this time Indesit has not launched a recall of these washing machines.

The BBC’s Watchdog programme has received reports of a number of Indesit Washing machines “exploding”. This is apparently caused by the washing machine drum splitting whilst turning at high speed. Watchdog has received 10 reports of this issue.

Indesit say they are aware of an issue with some WIXL143 and W1XE167 washing machines that were made between May 2007 and June 2009.

Indesit say they have performed a risk assessment of the problem and concluded that a recall is not necessary. They say only a small percentage of machines are affected.

Unfortunately percentages are not that useful when considering safety issues with domestic appliances that are installed in people’s homes. Bosch and Beko decided to recall their dishwasher and fridge freezer respectively when only a tiny fraction of the machines sold were known to have had overheating problems.

It is the number of incidents that occur and the impact of those incidents on the consumer that is important, rather than the number of incidents as a percentage of those sold.

In the Bosch and Beko recalls the risk was fire in the home and therefore the companies did not want to take any chances.

However, an exploding washing machine involving bits of concrete and components doesn’t sound like a great thing to have in the home.

Indesit has asked that if you own an Indesit WIXL143 or WIXE167 washing machine and have any concerns that you should contact them on 01733 287 843.

If you are not happy with their response we suggest you contact your local Trading Standards.