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Product Recall News

This page is updated regularly with news, facts and general information that we think consumers will find interesting.

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Where to Find Recall Information

30th June 2014

When we announced the closure of RecallUK we said we would provide consumers with links to other websites where they could find recall information. Here it is Where to Find Recall Information

RecallUK Website Frozen for 2 Months

30th June 2014

After much discussion we have agreed to keep the RecallUK website open for a further 2 months. However, the data will be frozen and no further updates will be made more........

And Finally

24th June 2014

This is our last planned news post so we thought we would share some more of our unique insight and knowledge of UK product recalls.

In the 4 years since our launch we have published 1,730 product recalls covering over 4 million household appliances, 4.5 million vehicles and much more........

RecallUK Closure FAQs

12th June 2014

We have received a large number of messages from users related to the closure of RecallUK in 2 weeks. We can't answer them all individually so we thought it would be useful to post some of the comments here and address the common themes more........

RecallUK, the Stats

10th June 2014

When we made the announcement that RecallUK would be closing at the end of June we said we would share some of the facts and figures behind RecallUK. Well here they are more........

RecallUK Website to Close

3rd June 2014

It is with great regret that we have to announce that the RecallUK website will close at the end of June 2014. We will continue to maintain the site and provide our services until the closure more........

Most Popular Recalls - May 2014

1st June 2014

Dishwashers and new electrical product recalls dominate the most popular recalls in May more....

New Electrical Product Recall Page

15th May 2014

We have introduced a new web page to RecallUK, Electrical Product Recalls. This page lists all electrical product recalls listed on RecallUK. There are currently 90 recalls on the new page covering kettles, computers, electric blankets, heaters, lamps, smoke detectors and much more.

To find out more click Electrical Product Recalls

Is IKEA's Lamp Recall Extended In The UK? - No

5th May 2014

Last week we reported that IKEA had extended their SMILA lamp recall in the US to include another 900,000 children's lamps. We assumed that IKEA would also be extending the SMILA lamp recall in the UK.

It turns out they are not. more........

Bush and Haier Washing Machines Recalled? - Updated

2nd and 3rd May 2014

A number of Bush and Haier washing machines have been withdrawn from the market because of a safety issue, but are they being recalled? more........

Most Popular Recalls - April 2014

1st May 2014

IKEA Children's Bed Canopy Recall dominates the most popular recalls in April. It received four times as many hits as any other recall in April more........

IKEA Children's Lamp Recall Extended

30th April 2014

IKEA has extended their children's lamp recall from 8 to 27 models sold over a 30 year period. Well they have in the US and Canada, it is not yet clear if this extension will apply to their repair programme in the UK more........

Another Huge Toyota Recall

10th April 2014

Yesterday, Toyota announced a worldwide recall of over 6.4 million cars, covering 27 different models, for 3 different safety issues. We have full details of the issues and affected cars more........

General Motors Recall Scandal

3rd April 2014

General Motors, the owners of Vauxhall, are at the centre of a recall scandal in the US. They have been accused of covering up safety issues that have been linked to at least 12 deaths more........

Most Popular Recalls - March 2014

1st April 2014

A gas cooker and 2 huge new recalls feature in the most popular recalls for March 2014 more........

Social Enterprise Aims To Recycle More Domestic Appliances

28th March 2014

There is an interesting new social enterprise that has just been launched, EEESafe. The aim of EEESafe is to address environmental, waste and safety issues related to domestic appliances more........

Product Recall Adjournment Debate

26th March 2014

There was a debate in Parliament earlier this week where an MP raised the issue of the flawed product recall process. We have summarised his concern and the Government's response more........

Why Do Domestic Appliances Get More Attention Than Other Recalls?

24th March 2014

We are often asked why domestic appliance recalls get more attention than other recalls. Watch this clip and you will see why more........

BBC Watchdog Test House - Product Recalls

18th March 2014

Today the BBC's new Watchdog Test House programme ran a feature on product recalls. We appear on the programme sharing some of our insights and knowledge more........

Beko Recalled Cooker Featured on Watchdog Test House

10th March 2014

Beko gas cooker recall featured in the first episode of the new BBC Watchdog Test House series more........

New Domestic Appliance Recall Page

6th March 2014

New web page lists all domestic appliance recalls on one page. You will be surprised how many there are and how dangerous they can be more........

Most Popular Recalls - February 2014

3rd March 2014

Children's recalls dominate the most popular recalls for February 2014 more........

Children's Product Recall Failures

20th February 2014

A US organisation has analysed US recalls affecting children and found some disturbing facts. Unfortunately, they are very similar to what we have found in the UK more........

RecallUK Publishes Its Annual Product Recall Report for 2013

18th February 2014

Today we have published the third of our annual product recall reports. These reports provide the single most comprehensive overview of consumer product recalls in the UK.

As RecallUK has been operating since 2010 we are able to show accurate trends and insights across all types of consumer products. This information cannot be found anywhere else more........

RecallUK Annual Recall Report - Coming Soon

13th February 2014

We have received a number of enquiries from consumers and businesses asking if we are publishing our annual recall report again this year. The answer is yes. We have been so busy this year we have not had time to pull it all together, until now more........

Graco Car Seat Recall - Updated

12th February 2014

Graco is recalling 3.7m car seats in the US because the harness buckles may become difficult to open or stuck more........

Aston Martin Accelerator Pedal Recall

6th February 2014

Aston Martin extends its accelerator pedal recall.

It is claimed that the recall was launched because of the discovery that a Chinese sub-supplier was using counterfeit plastic material as part of the accelerator pedal arms more........

Most Popular Recalls - January 2014

3rd February 2014

Continued growth for RecallUK and children related product recalls feature in January's most popular recalls report more........

100 Children's Products Recalled In 2 Years

24th January 2014

Did you know there have been over 100 product recalls that affect children in the last 2 years? 80% of these recalled products could still be in use in people's homes today!

Do you have children? Do you know about all of these recalls? Have you got any of these products in your home? more........

How Safe Is The Furniture In Your Home?

16th January 2014

The BBC programme Fake Britain broadcast a special programme recently called 'Furniture Inferno'. In the programme they investigate an issue where sofas and mattresses are being sold in the UK that do not meet British fire safety standards.

This investigation has already triggered the first of, what should be, many product recalls more........

The Top 20 Most Popular Recalls in 2013

7th January 2014

2013 was a record year for RecallUK. Interest in the website was at an all time high with visitor numbers up 800% on 2012.

We thought you might be interested in which of the 1,700 recalls listed on RecallUK received the most attention from consumers in 2013. Here are the top 20 recalls for 2013 more........

RecallUK Achieves Record Growth in 2013

3rd January 2014

2013 was a very successful year for RecallUK. When we launched RecallUK in 2010 we were told there was not a need for a national recall website and that consumers would not visit the site. In 2013, we had an 800% increase in visitor numbers more........

Most Popular Recalls - December 2013

1st January 2014

It is interesting that new recalls have started to dominate the "most popular recall tables" in the last few months. December was no different, 5 of the 6 most popular recalls were launched in December more........

Has IKEA Recalled SMILA Wall Lamps In The UK?

22nd December 2013

Earlier this month the UK press reported that IKEA had launched a worldwide recall of 23 million SMILA Children's Lamps. This is incorrect more........

Dishwasher Recall Response

17th December 2013

We have had a surprising amount of feedback to our article 'Worldwide Bosch Dishwasher Recall Questions Answered'. You may find this insight alarming more........

Worldwide Bosch Dishwasher Recall Questions Answered

16th December 2013

At the end of August 2013 Bosch extended their dishwasher recall, which had been running in 5 or 6 countries, into a worldwide recall. This was 4.5 years after the recall was originally launched in the US.

The decision to make this into a worldwide recall raised a number of questions. We put these questions to Bosch in September 2013. We now we have their answers more........

How Can You Make Sure Your Home Is Safe?

15th December 2013

At any given time there are more than 1 million missing recalled products in people's homes.

  • Do you have any of the missing recalled products in your home?
  • How do you know?

A typical recall in the UK will only achieve a recall success rate of 10-20%. This means that 80-90% of missing, potentially dangerous, products remain in people's homes after the recall has completed.

We have created a 4 step plan that will help you make sure your home is, and remains, safe more........

IKEA Recalls Millions of Smila Children's Lamps

12th December 2013

IKEA is recalling 4 million Smila Children's Lamps in the US and Canada.

These lamps are being recalled because a 16 month old baby died and a 15 month old baby was nearly strangled when they got tangled in the electrical cord of these lamps. Both incidents happened in Europe. more........

Most Popular Recalls - November 2013

2nd December 2013

70% of the most popular recalls in November were children's products more........

Samsung Fridge Freezer Recall Extended

28th November 2013

In 2009, Samsung recalled 107,000 fridge freezers because of a safety issue. These fridge freezers could catch fire because of 'internal sparking'. Not dissimilar to the Beko Fridge Freezer Recall.

A recent post on Samsung's website shows that this recall has grown significantly more........

Hotpoint, Indesit and Cannon Gas Cooker Recall

24th November 2013

Hotpoint, Indesit and Cannon are recalling gas cookers sold in the last 2 months because they can leak gas, posing a serious safety hazard.

Hotpoint Gas Cookers

Indesit Gas Cookers

Cannon Gas Cookers

Angelcare Recalls Movement and Sound Baby Monitors - Updated

24th November 2013

Angelcare recalls 800,000 Movement and Sound Baby Monitors in the US and Canada after two babies died from strangulation when they became entangled in the sensor pad cord.

Are these baby monitors being recalled in the UK? more........

Hotpoint Has Done It Again

21st November 2013

About this time last year Hotpoint recalled their FDW dishwashers because they can overheat and catch fire. Unfortunately, they didn’t bother to tell the majority of customers who had them.

You would think they would have learned from this. Apparently not. They have done it again, or something very similar more........

Car Recall Analysis - Article 3

18th November 2013

This is the third in a series of articles that seeks to explain some of the inconsistencies in the UK's car recall processes and what can be done to address them.

In this article we propose a simple change that will ensure that consumers get a fairer, safer and more consistent recall system more........

How Safe Is Your Car?

17th November 2013

So how good is your car manufacturer's recall record?

You might think that the fewer cars a manufacturer recalls the safer or more reliable their cars are. We don’t think this is necessarily true more........

Britax Launches Two Safety Programmes For Car Seats

14th November 2013

Britax has launched two safety programmes to address safety issues with their car seats. It does not appear that either car seat has been formally recalled more........

UK Car Recall Analysis - Article 2

12th November 2013

Last week we released the first of three articles that explains what we think is wrong with the UK's car recall system and what should be done about it.

Today, we have released the second of these articles. This article explains why there are such huge differences in the number of cars recalled by the main manufacturers more........

Is There a Fundamental Problem With Fake Tan Spray Products?

10th November 2013

In July, Boots recalled 2 fake tan spray products because some customers had experienced breathing issues. On Friday, PZ Cussons recalled their St Tropez Instant Tan Spray for similar issues.

Is this a coincidence or is there an underlying issue with these products? more........

UK Car Recall Analysis - Article 1

6th November 2013

For years there has been concern expressed by consumer groups and the media about the UK's car recall system.

RecallUK has conducted an extensive investigation into the way car recalls work, what is wrong with the system and how it can be improved.

Today, we are publishing the first in a series of articles that explains our finding.

In this article we are able to show how different manufacturers' recall records compare and who has and, perhaps more importantly, who has not been recalling their cars more........

Most Popular Recalls - October 2013

1st November 2013

There are 2 main themes behind the most popular recalls for October. Our work with the BBC identifying missing recalled products and the trend for some manufacturers to call their recalls something other than a product recall more........

BBC Programme on Failing Recalls

6th October 2013

The BBC programme Inside Out focuses on product recall failures and the damage the fires they create can have on people's lives more........

What Does the Term Product Recall Mean?

4th October 2013

There is a reluctance amongst some manufacturers to call a product recall, a product recall.

As an example there are a small number of domestic appliance recalls active at this time. Within this small number we have at least 3 different terms being used, a Repair Action, a Safety Notice and a Product Recall. In each case the safety issue is the same, the product can overheat and catch fire. The only difference between them is how the manufacturer plans to remove the safety hazard.

This issue does not only apply to domestic appliances.

We don't think it is reasonable to expect consumers to understand these variances in order to find critical safety information.

On this website we use the term in the way we think consumers use it more........

RecallUK on BBC's Watchdog

3rd October 2013

Many of you will have seen that we were helping Watchdog last night with their report on product recalls. There was a lot of information in the programme, shown very quickly, so we thought we would put some of the key facts for you here more........

Most Popular Recalls - September 2013

1st October 2013

The most popular recalls for September include a number of products that are not actually being recalled. BMW and Bosch also feature strongly more........

BBC Watchdog Criticises BMW For Not Recalling Mini

26th September 2013

Last night BBC's Watchdog programme ran a report on BMW's failure to recall the Mini for power steering issues.

This story highlights some of the issues related to car recalls in the UK more........

Washing Machines Cause 600 Fires A Year But None Are Recalled

18th September 2013

Domestic appliances are responsible for 3,700 fires every year in the UK.

Washing Machines are responsible for most fires, followed by Tumble Dryers and Dishwashers. Yet there are no Washing Machine recalls for fire related issues more........

Does the Huge US Dehumidifier Recall Affect The UK?

15th September 2013

Gree Electric Appliances of China is recalling 2.2 million dehumidifiers sold in the US because of complaints related to them overheating and catching fire.

Some of the recalled dehumidifier brands are also sold in the UK. Are UK models affected by this recall? more........

BSH Dishwasher Recall to Cost $900 Million?

9th September 2013

Reuters reports that Bosch and Siemens Hausgeraete (BSH) has denied claims made by a German magazine that the extended dishwasher recall of 5 million dishwashers could cost the company more than $900 million more........

Most Popular Recalls - August 2013

5th September 2013

The top 10 has more children related recalls than domestic appliance recalls for the first time since February. Consumers have viewed more than 1 million recall pages on RecallUK in 2013 more........

Bosch Dishwasher Recall Extended Worldwide

4th September 2013

Bosch extends dishwasher recall worldwide, 4.5 years after it was first launched. more........

RecallUK Launches New Recall Alert Service

4th September 2013

Today RecallUK has responded to consumer requests for a new recall alert capability. We have just released our new weekly email alert system.

Consumers who register for our new alerts will receive an email every week listing all new recalls added to RecallUK in the previous week.

To register for this service click on RecallUK Email Alert Registration

Asda and Kiddicare Car Seat Recall - Updated

29th August 2013

Over the Bank Holiday weekend we received hundreds of enquiries from consumers looking for information on the Asda Nania Trio car seat recall.

We were not aware that there was a recall and over the last few days we have been investigating to find out what is going on more.......

Most Popular Recalls in July 2013

5th August 2013

Children's products and domestic appliances still dominate the most popular recalls in July more.......

Boots Withdraws More Fake Tan Products

21st July 2013

Following last week's recall of 2 fake tan products Boots has now withdrawn (taken off of the shelves), but not recalled (taken back from customers), a further 2 fake tan products. They are Soltan Beautiful Bronze Self-Tan Dry Mist Spray and No7 Perfectly Bronzed Self-Tan 360 more.......

Boots Refuses to State Nature of Safety Issue

17th July 2013

Yesterday Boots launched a recall of 2 of their fake tan products, Soltan Beautiful Bronze Wash-Off Bronzer and Seventeen Instant Glow Bronzing Spray. The product recall notice on their website says 'it has been found there's a possible safety issue to our customers. The comfort and wellbeing of our customers is very important to us so we're asking you to stop using the spray immediately'.

All fairly reasonable except they have forgotten to explain what the nature of the safety issue is. When we asked for details of the safety issue they refused to tell us more.......

E-Petition to Improve Recall Effectiveness in the UK

9th July 2013

We need your help and support to get the Government to take action on the failing product recall processes.

A concerned consumer has created an e-petition in support of RecallUK's 4-Step Product Recall Improvement Proposal. If you agree with the proposal please sign the e-petition and get everyone you know to do the same. We need to get 100,000 people signed up in order to get the Government to take notice.

To sign the e-petition click Improve Product Recalls e-petition Then tell everyone you know using email, twitter, Facebook, etc and ask them to do the same.

To find out more about the issues and our proposal click 4-Step Product Recall Improvement e-petition

Beko LPG Gas Cooker - Update

8th July 2013

Last week we highlighted Beko's announcement that there were additional gas cooker models that could be affected by the grill/carbon monoxide issue. These additional models will only be affected if they have been converted from mains gas to LPG gas. This update explains more about this issue more.......

How Safe Is Your Kitchen?

5th July 2013

Last night ITV showed the excellent programme How Safe Is Your Kitchen? The programme shows the damage and personal tragedies that some recalled domestic appliances can cause. No one ever believes it will happen to them. Unfortunately, every year many people find out they are wrong. more.......

Beko LPG Gas Cooker Recall

4th July 2013

Beko has today made a shock announcement adding an additional 23 gas cooker models to their gas cooker recall, originally launched in 2009 more.......

1 Million Dangerous Recalled Household Appliances Still in UK Homes

4th July 2013

Did you know that between 1.5m and 2m potentially dangerous household appliances have been recalled in the UK since the beginning of 2011?

Even more worrying is that we believe that 1m of these potentially dangerous products have never been found. They are still in UK homes. Are any of these missing products in your home? How do you know? more.......

What is a Stealth Recall?

2nd July 2013

A stealth recall is one where the manufacturer does not communicate the recall to all customers at the same time. They tell some of the owners of the affected product at the start of the recall but delay telling other customers until much later, often months later.

This is a dangerous practise. It puts their customers at risk and potentially can have very serious consequences for the manufacturer. So why do they do it? more.......

Most Popular Recalls in June 2013

1st July 2013

Domestic appliance recalls still dominate the most popular recalls in June more.......

RecallUK Bounty Scheme Proposal

24th June 2013

Last week we shared details of our 4-Step Proposal to fix some of the fundamental issues that exist across the whole product recall system.

This week we thought we would share our Bounty Scheme Proposal.

This scheme is targeted at the hundreds of thousands of recalled domestic appliances that are part of a recall but are never found and repaired. These products are responsible for many house fires, injuries and even deaths more.......

4-Step Product Recall Improvement Proposal

21st June 2013

We have been working on a number of proposals to improve recall effectiveness. One of these proposals is a 4-Step plan that can be implemented quickly and easily and will have an immediate effect on the consistency and effectiveness of recalls in the UK.

One of the biggest challenges is getting the Government to recognise that there is a problem more.......

Domestic Appliance Recall Issues - Article

19th June 2013

We have found an interesting article in EKB Business Magazine. It provides a good overview of some of the challenges in communicating domestic appliance recalls and some of the ideas on how to improve the current situation more.......

Chrysler Recalls 2.7m Jeeps in the US After Climb-Down

19th June 2013

Chrysler had originally refused a request from the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) to recall 2.7m Jeeps because of a risk of fuel tank fires in rear-end crashes more.......

Volkswagen DSG Gearbox Recall

12th June 2013

Volkswagen is recalling nearly 26,000 cars fitted with DSG gearboxes in Australia.

Will this recall affect UK VWs? more....

Most Popular Recalls in May 2013

3rd June 2013

The trend of domestic appliances dominating the most popular recall pages continued for the 5th month in a row.

As RecallUK's reputation grows this Product Recall News page is now one of the most popular on the website.

Most Popular Recalls in May

Lidl Pays the Cost of Product Recall Failures

28th May 2013

Lidl in Germany were fined 1.5m Euros earlier this year because of a product recall failure more.....

Nissan Steering Wheel Recall

23rd May 2013

Nissan has announced a worldwide recall of 841,000 cars because of a steering wheel problem more.....

Samsung Washing Machine Recall

21st May 2013

Samsung has launched a massive recall of 186,000 washing machines in Australia and New Zealand more.....

Consumer Recalls – Did You Know?

21st May 2013

Last week I was presenting and answering questions on product recall communication at the ESC Electrical Product Safety Conference in London. I thought some of these slides might be of interest to a broader audience.

Consumer Recalls – Did You Know?

Indesit and Hotpoint Washing Machines Explode

9th May 2013

The BBC Watchdog programme has run a follow-up report on their story from last year of Indesit Washing Machines that can explode.

In the original report Indesit said they were aware of the issue and that it affected 2 models produced in 2006 and 2007.

Watchdog has found 50 incidents and believe that the problem exists in 14 Indesit and Hotpoint Washing Machine models more.......

Most Popular Recalls in April 2013

7th May 2013

Another extraordinary month for products recalls in the UK with continuing interest from media and consumers in domestic appliance recalls.

Most Popular Recalls in April

How Not to Communicate a Recall, Literally

22nd April 2013

After an interview with ITN, Hotpoint has now said that 71,000 dishwashers are affected by their recall. These dishwashers can overheat and catch fire. Hotpoint say they know of 85 incidents. They started recalling dishwashers 6 months ago but have only recently communicated the recall to all consumers more.......

Hotpoint Started Dishwasher Recall 6 Months Before Telling Consumers

22nd April 2013

We have just seen a shocking press release from Hotpoint (published in Which?) which states that they have effectively been recalling their dishwashers since October 2012 but have only now, in April 2013, publicly announced the recall more.......

Bosch Dishwasher Recall Update

18th April 2013

We have had another update from Bosch. They have now managed to find and repair 173,431 of the recalled dishwashers. This is up 5,000 on 2 weeks ago.

In the last month we have seen a remarkable increase in the number of additional dishwashers that Bosch has managed to find and repair more.......

Japanese Manufacturers begin UK recalls

18th April 2013

Honda, Lexus and Toyota have officially launched UK recalls for the passenger airbag issue more.......

Check It Tuesday Recall Campaign - Please Support This Campaign

16th April 2013

Have you heard of #CheckItTuesday? This is a great initiative launched by Suffolk Trading Standards.

The idea is that everyone takes a few minutes out of their Tuesday to check their domestic appliances to see if any of them have been recalled more.......

Has Asda Set a Record for Food Recalls?

12th April 2013

Has Asda set a record for food recalls? They have recalled 3 different food products, in 4 days for 3 completely different reasons more.......

Toyota, Honda, Nissan and Mazda recalls over 3 million cars worldwide

11th April 2013

Top Japanese car makers are going to recall over 3 million cars worldwide due to a fault with the passenger airbag. more.......

Hoover Fridge Freezer Recall

5th April 2013

With all of the media attention on Bosch and Beko recalls over the last few weeks a new domestic appliance recall appears to have sneaked out without many people noticing. more.......

Most Popular Recalls in March 2013

1st April 2013

After an extraordinary month of recall activity RecallUK publishes the most popular recalls for March. No prizes for guessing which recall tops the list.

Most Popular Recalls in March

What Is The Impact Of Product Recall Failures?

17th March 2013

In our article Product Recall Processes are Failing UK Consumers we highlighted some of the major issues related to the communication and success of product recalls.

In this article we want to illustrate what the results of these failures can be more....

Product Recall Processes are Failing UK Consumers

16th March 2013

There are significant issues with the effectiveness of product recalls in the UK. You will have seen many issues and challenges related to the Bosch and Beko recalls recently. What you may not know is that these are some of the best managed recalls.

Many recalls are nowhere near as effective as these more....

ITV Bosch Dishwasher Report Triggers 30,000 Consumer Enquiries

16th March 2013

An ITV News report stating that nearly 500,000 potentially dangerous Bosch Dishwashers are still unaccounted for has triggered a huge wave of interest from consumers. In just 12 hours RecallUK received more than 30,000 visits from consumers looking for information on this recall more....

UK Domestic Appliance Recalls

13th March 2013

In recent weeks there has been significant interest in product recalls for domestic and household appliances. We have put together a list of 32 current home and domestic appliances recalls in the UK more....

Bosch Dishwasher Recall - Update

12th March 2013

Bosch has released figures showing they have managed to find and repair 152,957 of their recalled dishwashers. This figure is up 1.3% from September 2012.

Unfortunately, this still leaves 479,043 potentially dangerous dishwashers unaccounted for more....

Most Popular Recalls for February 2013

4th March 2013

Domestic appliances and children's products dominate the most popular recalls again in February.

To see which product recalls received the most consumer interest, click the link Most Popular Recalls for February 2013.

ITV News Beko Warning

2nd March 2013

Last night an ITV News report warned of safety risks associated with recalled Beko cookers, fridge freezers and tumble dryers.

The report claimed there are nearly 138,000 Beko appliances with known safety risks still in people's homes.

To see this report click on the link ITV News Report

Beko Face £1.5m Lawsuit Over House Fire

25th February 2013

According to The Sunday Times Beko is facing a £1.5m legal action by the widow of Santosh Benjamin-Muthiah who died at a house fire in Wealdstone in November 2010. It is claimed that the house fire was caused by a Beko Fridge Freezer which was subsequently recalled by Beko in April 2011 more.....

BMW 1 Series, 3 Series and Z4 Battery Recall

18th February 2013

BMW recalls over 1/2 million cars in the US because of a battery connector problem.

We believe a UK recall is likely more.....

Do You Really Know What You Are Eating?

12th February 2013

The current horse meat scandal has raised the question "Do you really know what you are eating?"

Until now most people may well have said yes. However, the single biggest cause of food recalls in the UK last year were food manufacturers putting the wrong product in the packet. more.....

Should All Beef Products That Contain Horse Meat Be Recalled?

11th February 2013

As the horse meat issue evolves more and more companies are being dragged into the scandal.

How should these companies respond? more.....

Most Popular Recalls for January 2013

6th February 2013

Domestic appliances and children's products dominated product recall searches in January.

To see which product recalls received the most consumer interest, click the link Most Popular Recalls for January 2013.

Beko Fridge Freezer House Fire in Glasgow

22nd January 2013

It has been reported that earlier this week a family in Glasgow had a lucky escape when a recalled Beko Fridge Freezer caught fire in their kitchen.

Click this link for full details Beko Fridge Freezer House Fire in Glasgow

2012 Product Recall Report and Analysis

14th January 2013

RecallUK has now published its Annual Product Recall Report 2012.

If you are interested in how many recalls there were in 2012, what the big recalls were and some of the trends then click on 2012 Product Recall Report and Analysis

Do You Have a Dangerous Gas Cooker in Your Home?

14th December 2012

In 2009 Beko and Glen Dimplex launched a recall of 65,000 gas cookers in the UK and Ireland. Three years on they have managed to repair or account for 54,000 of these cookers.

This means there are 11,000 potential dangerous gas cookers still in use.

Can you help find them? more.....

RecallUK Releases Manufacturer Recall Communication Guide

9th December 2012

Most manufacturers of consumer products will have a product recall at some time. Luckily most don’t have many and there is normally a significant gap between them. This also means that most manufacturers do not have a deep knowledge of product recall communication.

RecallUK has created a guide to help manufacturers understand the main recall communication challenges and some of the activities they should be considering when planning a product safety recall.

To download a copy of the guide click How to Communicate a Product Recall.

Beko, Leisure, Flavel, Belling and New World Gas Cooker Recall

8th December 2012

An inquest recorded a verdict of accidental death for two men who died of carbon monoxide poisoning from a Beko Gas Cooker.

This brings to 8 the number of people in the UK who are known to have been killed by these cookers more.....

Most Popular Recalls for November 2012

3rd December 2012

Another record month for visits to RecallUK, up 40% on October.

To see which product recalls received the most consumer interest, click the link Most Popular Recalls for November 2012.

Beko recalls 30,000 Condenser Tumble Dryers

29th November 2012

Beko is recalling 30,000 Condenser Tumble Dryers because of problems with a part that can overheat and could lead to a fire.

The affected appliances are 6kg and 7kg condenser tumble dryers sold between May 2012 and October 2012.

Click this link for full details of Beko Condenser Tumble Dryer Recall

Debenhams Recalls Childrens Snow Suits and Jackets

27th November 2012

Debenhams is recalling a number of Baker by Ted Baker snow suits and jackets because the zips can scratch and graze babies and young children.

Click this link to find out more Debenhams Ted Baker Snow Suit and Jacket Recall

HeartSine Samaritan Public Access Defibrillator Alert

20th November 2012

HeartSine Technologies has issued an Urgent Field Safety Notice for some of their Public Access Defibrillators.

Due to battery and power issues there is a real chance that these defibrillators could fail when needed in an emergency more.....

Four serious safety recalls on Ducati’s Panigale

15th November 2012

Ducati has launched their fourth recall on the Ducati 1199 Panigale in just 6 months.

Should you be concerned? read on.....

Toyota Launch 2nd Massive Recall in a Month

14th November 2012

Just one month after Toyota’s massive recall of 7.4 million cars they are recalling another 3.3 million because of steering and water pump issues more....

Most Popular Recalls for October 2012

1st November 2012

We have just published the Most Popular Recalls for October 2012.

A record number of visitors this month and page views up 20% on September.

Indesit Washing Machines Not Being Recalled

31st October 2012

The BBC’s Watchdog programme has received reports of a number of Indesit Washing machines “exploding". Indesit know of the issue but are not recalling the affected machines more.....

Whirlpool Chest Freezer Caused Neasden House Fire

22nd October 2012

In September last year there was a horrific fire in Neasden that killed six members of a single family. At the time the fire was reported to have been caused by a chest freezer that was in the hallway of the family’s house.

An inquest into the deaths opened today at North London’s Coroner’s Court. At the inquest it was revealed that the chest freezer that caused the house fire was a Whirlpool freezer purchased in 2002 more.....

London Taxis Taken Off Of The Road

17th October 2012

The London Taxi Company has recommended 391 taxis are taken off of the road because of a sudden and unexpected loss of steering control more......

Six Supermarkets Extend Beer Recall

16th October 2012

Six supermarkets are extending their recall of bottles of beer that may contain small pieces of glass more.....

Toyota Window Switch Recall - Rapid Response

11th October 2012

Toyota has responded quickly to their latest recall. Motorists can already go to a web page that will tell them whether their car is affected by the recall more......

Toyota Launch the Biggest Car Recall This Century

10th October 2012

Toyota is launching the biggest car recall this century. 7.4m cars are being recalled around the world due to a faulty window switch more.....

US Car Recalls Likely to Affect the UK

8th October 2012

Honda and Mercedes launched car recalls in the US last week that are likely to affect UK drivers US Car Recalls

Most Popular Recalls for September 2012

3rd October 2012

We have just published the Most Popular Recalls for September 2012.

Page views in RecallUK up 40% and a new car recall goes straight to the top of the list.

UK Product Recalls Affecting Children

12th September 2012

We have been asked by a number of concerned parents if we can highlight those product safety recalls that are related to children's products or may directly affect children. For the full list in 2012 see UK Product Recalls Affecting Children

Most Popular Recalls for August 2012

4th September 2012

We have just published the Most Popular Recalls for August 2012.

For the second month in a row a children's product tops the most popular recall list.

Do you know what you are buying at Asda?

3rd September 2012

Most consumers are probably confident that the packaged food they buy in a supermarket actually contains the food shown on the packaging. If you do, then read on more.....

More Bad News for Britvic

31st August 2012

Just as Britvic were starting to recover from their £25m recall of Robinson's Fruit Shoot they have had to recall another product more.....

Bumbo Baby Seat Recalled In US But Not UK

20th August 2012

In the US and Canada Bumbo are recalling 4.3m Bumbo Baby Seats because there have been over 80 incidents of children falling from the seats and hurting themselves, including 21 fractured skulls!

It appears that the exact same baby seats are sold in the UK but no recall has been launched here. Why?.

To find out more click more.....

GE and Hotpoint Dishwashers Recalled in US

10th August 2012

General Electric and Hotpoint are recalling 1.3m dishwashers in the US due to heating element failures that can lead to a fire. Seven fires are known to have been caused by these dishwashers, three resulting in extensive property damage.

The 1.3m recalled dishwashers include a number of GE and Hotpoint models sold between 2006 and 2009.

There is no news yet whether these same machines were sold in the UK or if the heating element has been used in other models sold in the UK. We assume that if the answer to either of these questions is yes then GE and Hotpoint will need to recall them here as well.

Dorset Fire Brigade Launch Video to Warn of Bosch Dishwasher Fires

7th August 2012

Dorset Fire Brigade has taken the unusual step of creating a video to warn home owners of the potential for older Bosch, Neff and Siemens dishwashers to cause house fires.

To find out more and see the video click Bosch Dishwasher Fire Video.

US pushchair recalls may affect UK consumers

27th July 2012

In recent weeks there have been a number of recalls of pushchairs and bassinets in the US that could affect UK consumers.

As some of these recalls have been triggered by the death or serious injury to young children we thought UK consumers would want to know about them.

To find out about these recalls click more.....

Chicco Polly Highchair Recall - Update

23rd July 2012

The US Consumer Product Protection Commission has released a video that shows exactly what the hazard is with these highchairs.

To see this video go to our Chicco Polly Highchair page.

Latest Beko Fridge Freezer Fire Claim

13th July 2012

There have been reports that a house fire in Carlisle that forced a mother and son to flee their home was caused by one of the Beko fridge freezers that is subject to a safety recall more......

Unfortunately the bad news for Britvic keeps on coming

11th July 2012

Britvic say that the recall of Robinsons Fruit Shoot may cost them as much as £25m and it could be 6 weeks before supplies start to reach retailers more.....

Product Recall Report First Half 2012 - The Year So Far

5th July 2012

Do you want to know what has been happening with product recalls in the UK in 2012?

At RecallUK we have a unique database of UK product recalls across all different product types. If you want to know who has had the most recalls, which are the most popular recalls and more then click here

Most Popular Recalls for June 2012

2nd July 2012

We have just published the Most Popular Recalls for June 2012.

Vauxhall, Apple and Bosch continue to dominate consumer interest.

Ducati Launch 8th Recall in 18 Months

1st July 2012

Ducati has just launched the recall of 857 Ducati 1199 Panigales due to an issue that can cause the rear suspension to collapse.

This is the 8th safety recall launched by Ducati in the last 18 months and the 2nd for the 1199 Panigale in 2 months! more .......

Beko Fridge Freezer Recall, One Year On

1st July 2012

It's been a year since Beko launched the recall of 500,000 of their fridge freezers. We have been looking into their progress and have been surprised by their results. To find out more click on Beko Fridge Freezer Recall - Update.

Honda CR-V Headlight Recall

29th June 2012

Honda has added additional VINs to its CR-V Headlight Recall.

Toyota Hilux Differential Recall

17th June 2012

Toyota is recalling 821 Hilux vehicles due to a manufacturing fault that may have resulted in them having the wrong differential unit fitted!

Owners of vehicles with the wrong differential unit may find that their speedometer readings are wrong and in some conditions they may lose directional control of the vehicle.

To find out more click Toyota Hilux Differential Recall.

Most Popular Recalls May 2012

13th June 2012

We have just published information on the most popular recalls for May 2012. Vauxhall, Ducati, DAF and The Sun have all had product recalls that received a lot of attention in May.

Click here to see this report.

DAF Recall Extended

21st May 2012

DAF has extended the air brake recall for the CF75, CF85 and XF105 from 340 vehicles to 5,017 vehicles.

Anapen Adrenaline Injector Pen Recall

23rd May 2012

Lincoln Medical is recalling 35,000 of their Anapen Adrenalin Injector Pens due to concerns that they may not deliver adrenalin quickly enough. In the worst case scenario, this could result in a failure to deliver any adrenaline at all in an emergency situation.

Jeep Wrangler Recalled in the US

21st May 2012

Chrysler is recalling nearly 68,000 Jeep Wranglers in the US because of the potential for the transmission skid plate to collect debris that can result in a vehicle fire.

The affected Jeep Wranglers are 2010 models with automatic gearboxes. There have been 8 fires reported in the US, 7 of which occurred whilst the cars were moving.

No recall has been announced for the UK yet. We will let you know when it is.

Faulty Carbon Monoxide Alarms

15th May 2012

There are another four Carbon Monoxide Alarms being recalled because they failed to detect carbon monoxide when tested. This follows on from One Electrical's CP8005 Carbon Monoxide Alarm recall back in March.

All of these Carbon Monoxide Alarms were made in China. We believe at least some of them had paperwork stating that they had been tested against, and passed, the European EN 50291 standard. When independently tested in the UK they failed these tests!

These alarms were picked at random for testing. How many more sub-standard Carbon Monoxide Alarms have been sold and installed in people's homes that do not detect carbon monoxide properly?

The Sun Fabulous Travel Hairdryer Recall

14th May 2012

A free gift given away by the Sun could electrocute the user!

The Fabulous Travel Hairdryers given away free as part of a promotional campaign for The Sun have been found to have a safety risk. The Sun Fabulous Travel Hairdryer Recall

Safety Recalls of Children's Products

11th May 2012

In recent weeks there have been a number of safety related product recalls for children's products. Not all of these have been particularly well publicised.

To help parents find out about these recalls we have pulled them together at Children's Product Safety Recalls

Vauxhall Insignia Power Steering Service Action

10th May 2012

To find the latest information on this issue click Vauxhall Insignia Power Steering Service Action.

Vauxhall Insignia Fire Recall - Update

4th May 2012

The BBC's Watchdog programme ran their feature on the Vauxhall Insignia on the 3rd May. Details of the issues they uncovered and what Vauxhall are doing about it can be found at Vauxhall Insignia Power Steering Issue.

BMW Water Pump Recall Extended

30th April 2012

BMW has added a wide range of cars to their turbo charger water pump recall.

In January BMW recalled 29,868 Mini Coopers because of problems with the turbo charger water pump overheating and causing fires. They have now added another 506 Mini Coopers to this recall taking it to 30,374. For more information click on Mini Cooper S and John Cooper Works Water Pump Fire Recall.

BMW are also recalling a wide range (but small numbers) of other cars for exactly the same issue. See:-

There is still no further information on the 109,000 BMW 5 Series and 6 Series that are being recalled because of issues with the battery cable cover which can lead to a fire. I have a particular interest in this recall as I think I have one of the cars that is affected but my local dealer still can't tell me if it is or not!

Vauxhall Insignia Fire Recall

30th April 2012

We are receiving a large number of enquiries from Vauxhall Insignia owners looking for information on a recall related to Insignias catching fire!

We have checked with VOSA and searched the Vauxhall web site and there are currently no fire related recalls for the Insignia.

The most recent recalls for the Insignia are:-

The rumour appears to be based on a preview of the BBC's Watchdog program that says they are running a story about the number of consumers who have reported that their Vauxhall Insignia's have caught fire. This story is due to air on the 3rd May 2012.

We will update this site if this story results in a recall of the Insignia.

Lenovo ThinkCentre Recall Extended

25th April 2012

Lenovo has extended the recall of their ThinkCentre M70z and M90z all-in-one desktop PCs.

The original recall involved 160,000 PCs Worldwide. This has now been extended to 188,000. The recall originally only affected ThinkCentre M70z and M90z PCs built between May 2010 and December 2011. This has now been expanded to cover M70z and M90z PCs built between May 2010 and March 2012.

Originally 4,000 of these PCs were sold in the UK. We have asked Lenovo how many additional units are now being recalled in the UK. We will update this page when we receive their answer.

There is also an issue for customers who may have already checked their PCs and been told that they are not being recalled. These customers now need to know that their PCs may be affected. We have asked Lenovo what pro-active actions they are taking to alert these customers.

Topeak Babyseat II Recall

17th April 2012

There is another recall for child seats. This one is for a child seat fitted to a bike.

Extra UK is recalling the Topeak Babyseat II because it can cause crushing or laceration of a child's fingers.

Britax Baby-Safe Infant Carrier Recall

11th April 2012

Britax is recalling some of their Baby-Safe Infant Carriers due to the possibility that the handle can detach suddenly from the carrier.

One of the interesting things about this recall is the professional way that Britax has created their web pages to communicate details of the recall and to allow customers to check if their product is affected. Many manufacturers forget that it is important to communicate with customers whose product is not affected by the recall, as well as those that are. Do you really want large numbers of your customers worrying about a recall unnecessarily?

The way Britax are communicating this recall follows RecallUK's recommendations and is very similar to the solution we provide to customers who use our services to communicate their product recalls.

Carbon Monoxide Alarm Recall

27th March 2012

One Electrical is recalling their CP8005 Carbon Monoxide Alarms because the alarms failed to detect carbon monoxide during testing!

There are approx 1,500 units and they were sold between July 2010 and March 2012.

Further testing is taking place to establish if this is an issue that only affects One Electrical or whether it affects other Wholesalers who buy carbon monoxide alarms from the same manufacturer in China.

Consumers may have difficulty identifying if they have an affected carbon monoxide alarm. This type of alarm is pre-fitted in all new homes and as they are mains powered they are generally fitted by professional electricians in older properties.

BMW UK Recall 109,000 BMW 5 and 6 Series

27th March 2012

BMW in the UK are recalling 109,000 BMW 5 and 6 series cars due to a problem with a battery cable cover which can lead to the car not starting and in some cases catching fire.

BMW has not yet released details of the specific vehicles affected by this recall but we believe the recall covers 5 series and 6 series manufactured between 2003 and 2010. By our reckoning this would account for most of them sold during that period!

Wockhardt Co-Codamol 8mg/500mg Recall

23rd March 2012

Wockhardt are recalling their Co-Codamol 8mg/500mg pain killing tablets as they may contain 4 times more codeine than they should do.

Morrisons Cooked Turkey Breast Recall

22nd March 2012

On the 20th March Morrisons launched a recall for their 160g packs of Cooked Turkey Breast with a Use by Date of 27 April 2012. On the 21st March they extended this recall to cover the same product with a Use by Date of 26 April 2012.

The Use by Dates on these turkey packs are 1 month later than they should be. These Cooked Turkey Breast packs are not safe to eat after the 27th and 26th of March respectively!

This is Morrisons 3rd recall in 2012 already:-

PIP Silicone Breast Implant - Update

16th March 2012

The Department of Health has discovered that there is no guarantee that PIP Breast Implants implanted prior to 2001 contain the approved silicone gel, as was originally believed.

The Department of Health has now decided that women who received PIP silicone gel breast implants before 2001 should be supported and managed in line with the Department of Health’s recommendations of January 2012.

This is believed to affect approx 7,000 women in the UK. Click PIP Breast Implant - Update for more information.

Lenovo ThinkCentre Recall

9th March 2012

Lenovo are recalling 160,000 ThinkCentre M70z and M90z desktop PCs worldwide due to a problem with the internal power supply that may result in them overheating and potentially catching fire.

Lenovo tell us that there are approx. 4,000 affected ThinkCentres in the UK

To find out more about this recall go to Lenovo ThinkCentre Fire Recall.

Fastest Recall Ever?

8th March 2012

Is this the fasted product recall ever?

Aveda Lash Abundance Boosting Serum launched in the UK on the 1st March 2012. All stocks withdrawn from sale and recalled from consumers on the 6th March 2012.

It's hard to believe there has ever been a faster recall than this, unless you know better!

To find out more about this recall go to Aveda Lash Abundance Boosting Serum Recall.

Hottest Recalls

1st March 2012

RecallUK has published February's hottest recalls. See which recalls people are most interested in at Most Popular Recalls.

Morrisons Chocolate Contamination Recall

28th February 2012

Morrisons has just launched a recall of their Whole Nut Milk Chocolate because it has been contaminated with pieces of metal.

This is the 7th recall in 2 years that Morrisons has had because their own brand products have been contaminated with foreign objects. In the last 2 years they have had 3 cases of metal, 3 cases of plastic and 1 case of rubber contamination.

This is Morrisons 2nd recall this year. They also recalled their Smoked Mackerel in January because it had not been cooked properly. Interestingly we can’t find information about either of these recalls on their website!

Bosch Dishwasher Fire

24th February 2012

It has been reported that a recalled Bosch Dishwasher caused a house fire in Dorchester earlier this week. The fire is believed to have started in the dishwasher's control panel and then spread to the kitchen work top. Full details can be found at the Dorset Echo.

This recall relates to 632,000 Bosch, Siemens and Neff Dishwashers that have a faulty control panel that can overheat and may lead to a fire. As in the case above.

BSH (owner of Bosch, Siemens and Neff brands) launched this recall in the UK in July 2011. They have recently started another publicity/press campaign to alert customers to the problems with these dishwashers.

Click on the appropriate link if you want to check if your Bosch, Siemens or Neff dishwasher is affected by this recall.

Nissan to Recall 250,000 Cars

24th February 2012

Nissan has announced that they will be recalling 250,000 cars worldwide due to problems with the fuel rail system.

The recall involves a number of different makes and models including the Nissan Juke and Infiniti M sold in the UK. Nissan has not said how many of the affected cars are in the UK.

Nissan recently launched another recall for the Juke. Some vehicles have a problem with a turbocharger boost sensor which can cause the car to stall.

We will update this site once the recall is launched in the UK.

Do You Know What You Are Buying?

22nd February 2012

There has been a spate of recalls in the last few weeks involving food products recalled because they do not contain the food described on the package!

The only reason we know about these recalls is because the allergen information on the box does not match the product inside. As this can pose a safety hazard for people with serious allergies it triggers the formal recall processes.

It makes you wonder how often this happens where no formal recall is triggered.

Bosch Tassimo Coffee Makers (Updated)

20th February 2012

On the 9th February a recall of 1.7m Bosch Tassimo Coffee makers was announced in the U.S. and Canada.

The problem is that the T Discs (containing the actual coffee or tea) can burst whilst the coffee maker is working which can result in hot liquid being sprayed onto the user or others nearby. There are 140 reported incidents of this in the U.S. with 37 resulting in 2nd degree burns.

We have asked Bosch why the Tassimo Coffee Makers sold in the UK are not being recalled. Full details of this issue and Bosch's response can be found at Bosch Tassimo Coffee Maker recall.

Neasden House Fire Inquest (Updated)

16th February 2012

You may remember the terrible house fire in Neasden on the 24th September 2011 that tragically killed 6 members of the Kua family. At the time there was some suspicion that a Beko Fridge Freezer was the cause of the fire. The Beko Fridge Freezer is part of approx 500,000 fridge freezers being recalled because they can overheat and potentially cause fires.

At the time the Fire Brigade ruled out the Beko Fridge Freezer as the cause of the fire pointing instead to a chest freezer as the most likely cause.

A preliminary inquest hearing took place today and was adjourned until June as not all of the investigations into the fire have been completed. The London Fire Brigade has not completed its report on the chest freezer suspected of causing the fire. No information has been given about the make and model of the freezer but a representative from an unnamed freezer manufacturer was asked to attend the hearing.

Whirlpool Dishwashers Suspected of Causing Fires in the U.S.

8th February 2012

Whirlpool is facing a class action lawsuit in the U.S.

The lawsuit claims that Whirlpool has a defective control board in some of their dishwashers that can overheat and lead to a fire. It claims that Whirlpool has known about this defect since 2008.

One of the many reports on this issue can be seen here ABC Dishwasher Report

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) is said to be investigating these claims.

RecallUK has asked Whirlpool if any of the potentially affected dishwashers have been sold in the UK. We also asked if the suspected control board is used in dishwashers sold in the UK.

It appears that Whirlpool are unable to answer these questions at this time!

Britax Chaperone Child Restraint System Recall in the U.S.

6th February 2012

Britax are recalling their Chaperone Infant Child Restraint system in the U.S. and Canada. The harness can detach from the seat shell. Should this happen the child would not be properly restrained in the event of a crash.

After a number of consumer enquiries we checked with Britax and they have said that the Chaperone car seat system is not sold in the UK so there is no need for a recall.

January 2012 - What a Month for Recalls!

1st February 2012

Well 2012 has started with a bang. In January there were announcements of over 156,000 cars being recalled with VW, BMW, Mercedes, Subaru, Isuzu and Volvo leading the way. For details go to our car recall page.

There has also been a wide array of other recalls launched in January including:-

Hopefully if you have any of the above products then you already knew about these recalls. In all probability though, you didn’t!

It's Official BMW Recalling Mini Cooper S and John Cooper Works Cars

26th January 2012

There has been speculation about this recall for about 2 weeks, now it's official. BMW are recalling 29,868 Mini Cooper S and Mini John Cooper Works cars because of an overheating water pump which can lead to fires.

To find out more go to BMW Mini Cooper Recall.

HP Fined for Delayed Recall Notification

25th January 2012

Hewlett-Packard has been fined $425,000 by the US regulator because of a delay in notifying the regulator of issues with the Sony batteries in some of their laptops. See CPSC News for details.

This battery issue is widespread. Dell, Lenovo (IBM) and Toshiba have all issued recalls of the Sony batteries installed in some of their laptops as they can overheat and may cause fires.

RecallUK Releases Annual Product Recall Report for 2011

11th January 2012

Did you know in 2011:-

  • There were 393 product safety recalls
  • 1.24m vehicles recalled
  • Vauxhall had the car recall of the century
  • Over 1m domestic appliance were recalled

All this and more is contained in RecallUK’s Annual Product Recall Report for 2011 . The first sections of the report are available now on our web site. The remaining sections will be posted over the next few days.

First Product Recall of 2012

5th January 2012

We are only 5 days into the new year and already we have the first product recall. The dubious honour goes to Ikea who also had 5 product recalls in 2011.

This time Ikea are recalling their Antilop Children's Highchair due to issues with the seat belt which may come undone unexpectedly.

Bosch Dishwasher Case Study

30th December 2011

In July Bosch launched a major product recall of some of their older dishwashers that had a fault with the dishwasher control panel. Due to their excellent recall communication campaign they have managed to find and repair over 137,000 dishwashers in 5 months.

To find out more about this see recall our Bosch Dishwasher Case Study.

Christmas Recalls

21st December 2011

There are a few recalls around that are particularly relevant over the Christmas period so we thought we would highlight them here.

Check out these links if you have an Argos Nodding Reindeer or a Homebase Moving Head Reindeer they can give off electric shocks! If you have a Waitrose Christmas Pudding then make sure it is not one of the recalled Hale and Hearty Luxury Christmas Puddings.

Creme d'Or are also recalling some Christmas candy figures and gumball machines as they do not warn of a choking hazard for young children.

Major Product Recalls - Progress Update

19th December 2011

There have been some very large recalls this year with Bosch and Beko recalling over 1 million domestic appliances between them and Vauxhall recalling over 400,000 Corsa Ds.

We asked these companies for an update on their progress, i.e. how many have they fixed so far. Bosch and Beko have some impressive figures. We are still waiting for a response from Vauxhall.

Nurofen Plus Recall – Man in Court

3rd December 2011

The man accused of replacing some Nurofen Plus strips with prescription drugs appeared in court on the 3rd of December. See - Daily Mirror Story.

Vauxhall Corsa - Recall of the Century

27th September 2011

Vauxhall have today launched the biggest car recall this century. They are recalling over 400,000 Corsa Ds to replace the brake pedal bearing.

See Corsa D Brake Recall for more information.

Gas Cooker Recall - Re-Advertised

23rd September 2011

A number of companies have re-advertised a recall of Gas Cookers that can be fatal if used with the grill door closed whilst grilling. A build up of carbon monoxide can occur which can be fatal.

For more information see Beko, Leisure, Flavel, Belling, and New World gas cooker recall pages.