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Nissan X-Trail Engine Insulation Recall

Recall Summary

Nissan X-Trail engine insulation may rest on the turbo charger and smoulder.

Recall Issue

Nissan is recalling a large number of Nissan X-Trails because of the potential for insulation in the engine to rest on the turbo charger which may cause the insulation to smoulder. This issue can occur on cars with 2.0l diesel engines.

Nissan is recalling the affected X-Trails and fitting an additional bracket to help keep the engine bay insulation away from the turbocharger.

Nissan X-Trails Affected By This Recall

There are 14,025 Nissan X-Trails affected by this recall. They were built between December 2006 and April 2012.

What Should Nissan X-Trail Owners Do?

If you have, or believe you may have, one of the affected Nissan X-Trails then please contact your local dealer.

Recall Launched

October 2012.