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Bodrum Dried Fruit Recall

Product Recall Summary

Some Bodrum Dried Fruit contains undeclared sulphites.

Product Recall Issue

Gima UK Ltd is recalling some of their Bodrum Dried Fruit because they contain allergens not declared on the product labelling.

The affected Bodrum Dried Fruit contains undeclared sulphites. This poses a health risk to anyone who is allergic to, or intolerant, of sulphites.

Bodrum Dried Fruit Affected By This Recall

The Bodrum Dried Fruit affected by this recall is:-

  • Bodrum Diced Mango, 250g
  • Bodrum Diced Papaya, 250g
  • Bodrum Dried Apricot, 250g
  • Bodrum Golden Jumbo Raisins, 250g
  • Bodrum Golden Medium Raisins, 250g
  • Bodrum Halved Apricot, 250g
  • Bodrum Natural Dried Apricot, 250g
  • Bodrum Pineapple Rings, 250g
  • Bodrum Diced Pineapple, 250g
  • Bodrum Sultana Raisins, 250g
  • Bodrum Brown Jumbo Raisins, 250g

All Best Before Dates up to and including 14 January 2014 are affected.

What Should You Do If You Have The Affected Bodrum Dried Fruit?

If you have the affected Bodrum Dried Fruit you should return it to the store where you purchased it for a full refund.

Recall Launched

March 2013.