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Argos Bush Gas Cooker Recall

Recall Summary

Bush AG66T Gas Cookers do not comply with Gas Appliances Directive.

Recall Issue

Argos is recalling the Bush AG66T Gas Cookers they have sold because of a problem with the lid.

The hinges which hold the lid to the cooker could fail during use due to heat generated by the oven, causing the lid to fall unexpectedly. The product does not comply with the Gas Appliances Directive.

Argos Bush Gas Cookers Affected By This Recall

The Bush Gas Cookers affected by this recall are:-

  • Bush AG66T
  • Argos Catalogue 489/8146

What Should You Do If You Have An Affected Argos Bush Gas Cooker?

There is no information from Argos on what customers who have purchased the Bush AG66T should do. We would suggest that you call the Argos Bush Customer Service Number 0845 543 0484.

Recall Launched

March 2012.