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Castrol 2-Stroke Oil Recall

Recall Summary

Castrol 2-Stroke Oil may have water contamination.

Recall Issue

Castrol is recalling one litre bottles of Castrol oil used in two stroke engines due to water contamination. The contamination in some bottles may be sufficient to cause engine seizure.

These Castrol oils are mainly used in motorcycles or small scooters, but can also be used in other equipment with two stroke engines.

Castrol 2-Stroke Oils Affected By This Recall

The Castrol 2-Stroke Oils affected by this recall have been on sale since the 3rd September 2012. They are:-

  • Castrol Power 1 Racing 2T - batches 141735, 143802
  • Castrol Power 1 Scooter 2T - batches 119990, 147997
  • Castrol Act Evo 2T - batches 126486, 135401, 150755

The batch number can be found as shown on the example bottle below:-

Castrol Oil batch number location

What Should You Do If You Have The Affected Castrol 2-Stroke Oil?

If you have the affected Castrol 2-Stroke Oil you should not use it.

If you have used the affected oil do not use your equipment and contact Castrol on 0800 046 9260 for advice and information.

If you have not used the affected oil please return it to the retailer for a replacement or refund.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact Castrol on 0800 046 9260.

Recall Launched

April 2013.