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Sky Wireless Booster Recall

Recall Summary

Risk of electric shock.

Recall Issue

Sky is recalling their Wireless Boosters because of an electric shock risk.

The plug for the power adaptor, supplied with the Wireless Booster, may not have been screwed together correctly. This could lead to the top of the plug detaching and exposing live parts. If the live parts are touched, the user would receive an electric shock.

Sky is replacing any affected Wireless Boosters.

Sky Wireless Boosters Affected By This Recall

This recall affects all Sky Wireless Boosters.

How to Check Your Sky Wireless Booster Plug

The following are the instructions from Sky for checking if your Wireless Booster is affected:-

  • First of all, switch off the electricity at the wall socket
    • If you don’t have a switch at the wall socket, please turn off your electricity at the mains. If you are concerned about doing this then please call Sky on 08000 152 582 and they will be happy to help you
  • Carefully unplug the power adaptor from the wall socket
    • If the power adaptor feels loose or starts to come apart while you're unplugging it, then please check again that you have switched the electricity off at the wall socket or the mains
  • Once you've removed the power adaptor please check to see if it has both screws fully inserted as per the picture below. If one or both screws are missing, do not plug the adaptor back in

If any of the screws in your plug are loose or missing your Wireless Booster is part of this recall.

What Should You Do If You Have An Affected Sky Wireless Booster?

If you have one of the affected Sky Wireless Boosters you should leave it unplugged and contact Sky on 08000 152 582. Sky will send you a replacement.

Recall Launched

May 2014.